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ആഹൈ ഖമ്പെൽ
Ahai Qambel

Call Number (101-0067)
Title Ahai Qambel
Category Deacon’s invitation to receive Communion
Liturgical Context Qurbana

  1. Transliteration (Malayalam)
  2. Transliteration & Translation (English)
  3. Available recordings
  4. Copyright


1. Transliteration in (Malayalam)

Syriac Text Transliteration (Malayalam)
Courtesy : Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy  


2. Transliteration and Translation in (English)

Tranliteration in English Translation in English
Āhay qabbel(o) pagrē(h) dawrā āmrā ē(d)tā.
Weštāw kāsē(h) b’haimānūṯā bēṯ malkūṯā
My dear brothers, the Church says (2), please receive the body of the Son
And drink from His chalice, with faith in the house [Kingdom] of heaven.


3. Available Recording

a) Aramaic Project Recordings

S.No Aramaic Project Number Artist Youtube Link Notes
1 96 Fr. Augustine Kandathikkudyil Video  
2 52 M Sebastian Menachery Video.  
3 62Z Fr. Mathew Mattam Video  
4 70AN Fr. George Plathottam. Video  
5 80AA Dr. Jacob Vellian Video  
6 119 Fr. Probus Perumalil Video  
7 155 Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt Video  
8 156 Choir Team of Marth Maryam Forane Church, Kuravilangad Video  
9 165-40 Fr. Saji Mattathil Video  


4. Copyright

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