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അത്തൂ മാർ


CMS. Ref Number (101-0119)
Title Athumār
Category Slotha
Sub Category Recitative
Liturgical Context Qurbana

Translation and Transliteration in (English)

Syriac Text Transliteration in (English) Translation in (English)
  Athu mār šārīrāyīs m’nahmānā d’pagrāyn
W’athu pārōqāthāwā d’napšāsan wamnathrānā
Ammīnā d’hayyayn w’lāk mār hayyabīnan d’nāwdē
W’nesgōd wanšmbah b’kōlendān
Mārā d’kōl lalmīn

O My Lord, you are indeed the giver of life to our bodies,

Gracious savior of our souls, and the constant preserver of our lives. O my Lord, we are bound always to thank, adore and glorify you, Lord of all, for ever, Amen.


Available resources

Aramaic Project Recordings:

S.No Artist Youtube Link Aramaic Project Number Notes
1. Fr. Paul Kodamullil ( Pre -1962 version) Video 172
2. Bishop Thomas Tharayil Video 201


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