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B’had min yāwmin (On one of the days)
ഭദ് മിൻ യവ്മിൻ

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CMSI Ref Number (101-0017)
Title B’had min yāwmin (On one of the days)
Category Chants from the Services for the Dead
Sub Category Madrāśā
Liturgical Context Qurbānā and Hours of Syriac churches.


This is a madrāśā from the funeral services for laywomen. The text describes the sorrow of Martha and Mary at the loss of their brother, Lazarus. Following the performance practice of madrāśā, the celebrant sings the stanzas and the congregation sings the first strophe as a refrain.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation
B'had min yāwmin kad āwar weţ
Al bēţ’ anyā wahzeţ tammān mārtā w’maryam
Kad bākyān way.

Bākyān way gēr bekyā h'nīgā
Marīrāyīţ ak sīrēnās dawgāw yammē

Nahmān way gēr badmūţ yāwnā
Al parūgē wak hāw gawrā daśqil mennē
Bar saybuţē.
On a certain day, when I was passing
Through Bethany, I saw Martha and Mary weeping.

They were weeping bitterly
A mournful lamentation,
Like sirens in the seas and rivers.

For they were moaning like a dove over its young ones
And like that man from whom the son
Of his old age was taken away.

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