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राजश्री गोत्रजं

Rājarshi gōtrajam

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Rājarshi gōtrajam

राजश्री गोत्रजं

Language Sanskrit
Author of text

Lyrics - Chevalier I.C. Chacko

Text selected, translated and introduced by - Fr. Francis Vineeth CMI

Composer of melody Anto Amarnad, C.M.I.
Source of text  
Kristhu Sahasranamam


Transliteration in English

1. Rājarṣi-gōtrajam dhanyam
Nirddhanam nitya-yācakam
Dīnam dīnāśrayam vande

2. Tārā-sūcita-janmānam
Gōṣṭha-jam pathikam vande
Rājānām rāja-pūjitam

3. Valāhakāvṛtam pūjyam
Giriśam girivāsinam

4. Samādhi stham-atiśrantam
Praṇamāmi niyantāram

5. Śama-vantam kṣamāvantam
Damavantam dayā-vantam
Ātmavantam jagat-gurum

6. Aakṛṣṭa-minam kaivartta-
Śiṣyam-ēkam jagat-gurum
Vande vandāru-vanditam.

Translation in English

Though born of the clan of kings
Though rich, you are the poor, the eternal beggar
The abandoned, and yet the hope of the forlorn
The one Lord of the Universe, I bow to thee

By star was your birth proclaimed
“You the child, our king” the Magi acclaimed
Born in a manger you are the guide divine
O king, adored by kings, I bow to thee.

Surrounded by clouds in holy spell
The Lord of hills, on mounts you dwell
Though great with disciples you sojourned
The only Son by Father acclaimed

Given to fast and hunger, fagged out though
You remain ever equipoise
Tested though by devil you are
The guide and fount of all, I adore you.

You are the great ascetic
The patient bearer of sorrows
The self-controlled, the self-luminous
The ever merciful the world’s teacher,
I bow to thee.

You are the sole master of mankind
With the disciples from among fishermen
Dharma you preach, the path universal
Praised eternally by choir celestial
I bow to thee


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Performance space  
Recordings Kristu Sahasranamam - Track 2

Note by Dr. Francis Vineeth, CMI

A deep longing welled up in my heart as I pondered over the amazing work of Chevalier I.C. Chacko, the Kristu-Sahasra-Namam. And it became my cherished dream to bring it to the devotional life of Indian Christians. A Thousand Names of Christ! . Just a thousand epithets and thousand titles in exquisite biblical lore, and enticing poetical charm and what more, all presented in classical Sanskrit lyrics. Who would not be tempted to have a try? It enshrines the whole history of Christ, gathered from the New and Old Testaments alike, all in one hymn of adoration, a long litany of praise. You can pray fully recite it then, unawares, in accompanying rhythm; you are transported to the marvelous setting of the Gospels, Psalms, and the Book of Revelation. This is I. C. Chacko's Kristu-Sahasra-Namam, a Christian counterpart of the well know Hindu Vishnu-Sahasra-Namam. ... Read More

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