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Dawrek Sāwē” (K’ţāwā rambā )

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Title Dawrek Sāwē” (K’ţāwā rambā )
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One of the solemn ceremonies in rāza is the gospel procession before the proclamation. This chant is part of the ceremony. The same text and melody is usually sung four times, each time with a different textual incipit.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation

Dawrēś k'ţāwē kţiw alay (2).

K'ţāwā rambā daswarţē d'malkā m’śihā pārōqan
arbā sāprē d'ţedmurtā
B'hēl ruhā q’wa sep’rayhōn; matai lamhaymnē d'wayhūd
W’markos l'hānōn dawrōmē w’luqā lawnay āgewthōs
W'Yōhannān 1'appessāyē;
W'hāśā barbāpenyāţā
B'seprayhōn hā meţhangēn kad masqīn śuwhā
L'haylāk rambā māryā.

L'mebwad sewyānāk alāhā s’wēţ.

K'ţāwā rambā ….

In the beginning of the books it is written about me.

Holy book of glad news of the redeemer Christ the king,
Wrote those who were inspired;
Matthew for the believers among the Jews,
And Mark did it for those in Rome, Luke wrote for the Egyptians,
And John for the Church of Ephesians.
Lord, all people read this book
And meditate on thy word, proclaiming
Thy great glory and praising thee all over the world.

O God, I was pleased to do thy will.

Holy book of glad news ...

Transliteration and Translation in (Malayalam)

Text in Syriac Transliteration in Malayalam

Courtsey - Joseph Thekkedath Puthenkudy


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Qambel Māran | Syriac Chants from South India

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1   Fr. Mathew Mattam Video 62O  
2   Fr. Mathew Mattam Video 70O  
3 K. O. Chacko Koythadathil Video 5k
4 Fr.Probus Perumalil CMI, Fr. Sylvester Puthussery CMI Video 4k


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