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Esthappānōs (Stephen)


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CMSI Ref Number (101-0006)
Title Esthappānōs (Stephen)
Category Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgical Context Qurbānā and Hours of Syriac churches.


This is an ōnīţa from ramśā on Tuesday. It describes the death of St. Stephen, the first martyr who, like Jesus, prayed for his persecutors before death. Each strophe consists of four hepta-syllabic lines: es-tha-ppā- nōs-ur-hād-raś. The singers extend the seventh syllable so that there are eight beats in each melodic phrase.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation

Duk’rānā l'ālam nehwe l'zandīqā.

Esthappānōs urhā d'raś
Waw'eqwāţē rdaw sāhdē
W'amme d'haţnā meţbasmīn
Bagnōn nuhrā d'lā meśtrē.

W'min themba bīśā lā nedhal.

Esthappānōs kad esr'gem
Zīwā d'mārē b'rāwmā h'zā
Walruh qudśā kad gādlā
Klilā l'rēyśā damhaymnē.

Hayyē śalāk w'yawt lē.

Esthappānōs rahmē ś’el
L'ammā daqrew largumyē
Hassā māran waśwōq l’hōn
Lā gēr yādīn mān āwdīn.

Min ammā d’lā m’rahmān.

Esthappānōs kad eţqthal
Al qathōlāw rahmē ś’el
Badmūţ mārē kad ezd’qep
Min yūdāyē thālōmmē.

Let there be commemoration For the just for ever.

Stephen paved the way
And the martyrs followed.
And with the bridegroom they enjoy
In the luminous, indestructible bedchamber.

He shall not fear bad news.

Stephen, while being stoned,
Saw the splendor of the Lord in heaven,
And the Holy Spirit preparing a crown
For the head of the faithful one.

He prayed for life, and thou gave it to him.

Stephen prayed for mercy
For the people who came to stone him:
“O Lord, pardon and forgive them
For they do not know what they are doing.”

In spite of the merciless people.

Stephen, when he was being tortured
Pleaded for mercy for his murderers,
Like his Lord while being crucified
By the wicked Jews.

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