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Eţpan al slōţā (Turn to the prayer)
എട്പൻ അൽ സ്ലോതാ

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CMSI Ref Number (101-0008)
Title Eţpan al slōţā (Turn to the prayer)
Category Liturgy of the Hours
Liturgical Context Qurbānā and Hours of Syriac churches.


This is a teśbohtā from leliyā on Monday. The strophes are in the form of couplets. Each line consists of two phrases with five (2 + 3) syllables in each phrase. The singers seem to place this penta-syllabic structure over an 8-beat pattern in the rendition of the melody.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation

Eţpan al slōţā d'awdayk pārōqan
W'qambel bāwūţan w'pannā śēlāţan.

Datū bēţ gāwsā w'sawrā damhīlē
Bud’rānayk nezke l'senāţē d'wīśā.

D'hā sālē kōlśā pahē 1'nawśāţan
W'sāwē nākōlā dankatman b'āwlē.

Śandar mār haylāk wan'passeq neśwāw
D’lā n’sūdan w'neppel b'hāwţā dahthīţā.

Haylā d'thaybuţāk n'hayyel m’hīlūţan
W'neśpar bāwādayn q’dāmayk hannānā.

Aśwān d'nezmar lāk b'yāwmā d'mēţīţāk
Śūwhā d’lā pāthar l'ālam almīn āmēn.

O Redeemer, turn to thy servants’ supplications,
And receive our petition and answer our prayers.

For thou art the shelter and hope of the weak,
By thy help we shall conquer the machinations of the devil.

For, behold, he always sets nets for our souls
And the deceiver desires to corrupt us by his iniquity.

O Lord, send thy power and break his snares,
Lest he should catch us and we should fall in the abyss of sin.

Let the power of thy grace strengthen us who are weak,
And may we please thee by our deeds, O Merciful One.

Make us worthy to sing unceasing praise to thee
On the day of thy coming, forever and ever, amen.

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