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Hallel Hallel (Praise, Praise)
ഹല്ലേൽ ഹല്ലേൽ

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CMSI Ref Number (101-0002)
Title Hallel Hallel (Praise, Praise)
Category Liturgy of the Hours
Text Text from Psalms 93, 94 & 95
Liturgical Context Qurbānā and Hours of Syriac churches.


The midnight mass for Christmas is preceded by a rather lengthy celebration of leliyā. The singing of psalms, which in ordinary celebrations would be recited in a monotone, adds solemnity to the occasion. This chant is from the third marmīzā that consists of psalm 93, 94, and 95. A special feature of this marmīzā is the addition of tropes, respectively to psalms 93, 94, and 95 – “we glorify you with songs”, “the angels sang, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, at the birth of Christ the King”, and “the being who is from eternity”. In this recording, however, the singers have sung the last two tropes to the verses of psalm 95. The leader sings the verse and the community sings the trope as a refrain at the end of each verse in a call-and-response format.

Transliteration & Translation (English)
Transliteration by Fr. Emmanuel Thelly C. M. I.

Transliteration Translation

Tāw n'śambah 1'māryā.

Hallel hallel hallel īre
B'māwlādē d'malkā m'śihā.

W'nezmar l'alāhan pārōqā.
N'qandem appāw b'ţāwdīţā.
W'bazmīrāţā n'śab'hīw.
Methol d'alāhā wū rambā māryā.
Malkā d'rāmb al kolhōn alāhē.

Iţyā dīţāw min ālam.

D’wīdāw ennēn śaţsē d’ar’ā w’rawma d’tūre.
Dīlē wū yammā w’hū awdē.
Yambiśtā yidāw g’wal.
Tāw newrōk w’nesgōd lē.
Wanwarkīw l’māryā d’awdan.

Hallel hallel hallel īre.
B'mawlāde d'malkā m'śīhā.

Methol d’hūyū alāhan.
Wahnan ammā dīlē w’ānā d’maryīţē.
Yāwmānā en b’qālē teśm’ūn.
Lā t’qaśōn lembāwāţkōn l’margāzūţē.
Śuwhā l’awā w’lawrā walruhā d’qudśā.
Min ālam wādmmā l’ālam āmēn w’āmēn.

Come let us praise the Lord.

Angels, sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
At the birth of Christ the King.

And let us sing to our Lord, the redeemer.
Let us go before him with thanksgiving.
And with psalms let us praise him.
Because, the Lord is our great God.
He is king, who is greater than all gods.

The Being who is from eternity.

In his hands are the foundations of the earth.
The sea is his, he created it.
He formed the land with his hands.
Come let us kneel and adore him.
Let us bless the Lord who made us.

Angels, sing hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah
At the birth of Christ the King.

Because, he is our God.
We are his people and the sheep of his fold.
Today, if you will hear his voice,
Do not harden your hearts to enrage him.
Glory be to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
From eon unto eon, amen, amen.

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