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ഓം ഗുരു ഓം ഗുരു
Ōm Guru Ōm Guru

CMSI Ref. Number MA-MAL-02-DCS-022
Title Ōm Guru Ōm Guru
ഓം ഗുരു ഓം ഗുരു
Language Malayalam
Author of text Fr. Anto Amarnad, C.M.I
Composer of melody Ramakrishnashram
Performer(s) Joseph Palackal and chorus

Source text

Christian Bhajans

Lyrics text

Date of composition of text/melody
Performance space
Performance context
Typesetting by Sherin Joseph
Recordings DCS-022 Om Guru Om - Christian Bhajans by Dr. Joseph J. Palackal
Comments This unique bhajan has an exciting story behind it. That story begins with a saintly CMI priest, Fr. Michael Purattukara (1948-2016), who, even as a young seminarian, was inclined toward inculturation of Christian theology and the Indian form of Sanyasa. Fr. Michael adopted the name Sadanand (Sanskrit, “always cheerful”), which matched his personality. Young Sadanand heard a captivating, ebullient bhajan at the Ramkrishnashram in Thrissur in Kerala during one of his summer vacations. When he returned to Dharmaram College, Fr. Michael introduced a cassette recording of the bhajan to me and asked me to change the words so that we seminarians could sing it during our prayer gatherings. .... Goto Notes Page
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